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Land for sale inside resort – Individual house construction – Ban Phe Rayong

23 November, 2012
  • 410 Sq Ft
  • UnFurnished
  • Next to beach

  • Description

    Land inside VIP Chain Resort in Rayong for sale. The resort have villas and apartments. The resort offers many facilities as you can see below. It’s located off the Mae Rumphueng Beach Rd, which is the most famous holiday location in Rayong.

    Please check all our properties for sale in Ban Phe Rayong.

  • All our plots for sale in VIP Chain Resort

    Price / Unit
    Water 1.5 litres15
    Mineral water 25 litres100
    Schweppes soda16
    Cocal Cola-Fanta-Sprite (1.5 litres)35
    Orange juice 1 litre80
    Chang 640 ml.50
    Singha 630 ml.65
    Heineken 640 ml90
    Toilet tissue 4 pcs.60

  • All our houses for sale in VIP Chain Resort

    CondominiumProperty numberDescriptionPrice (THB)Link
    Building ARA-166-101 garden44 m2 Furnished and decoration1.995.000
    Building ARA-166-40344 m2Furnished and decoration1.795.000Link: RA-166-A403
    Building ARA-166-50258 m22.395.000Link: RA-166-A301
    Building ARA-166-205-20688 m2 Furnished and decoration3.695.000Link: RA-166-205-206
    Building BRA-166-10644 m2Furnished and decoration1.995.000
    Building CRA-166-101 garden60 m2 Garden2.500.000
    Building CRA-166-10444 m2 Garden1.800.000
    Building CRA-166-20160 m22.295.000
    Building CRA-166-20244 m21.695.000
    Building CRA-166-204-20586 m2. 2 bedrooms3.600.000
    Building CRA-166-50344 21.995.000
    * Prices is exclusive furniture and decoration
    * 44 m2 300.000 THB
    * 60 m2 425.000 THB
    The building is expected to complete in December 2014

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